The British motor show is dead (for now), but car enthusiasts of Britain continue to want a flagship motoring event, and I reckon it’s clear they’ve already decided that the ideal event already occurs on England’s South Downs in early July, and it is known as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It is held this year on 3-5 July.

Think about it: the Festival of Speed eclipses every other motoring event, including the British Grand Prix. It is held in a better location than any London or Birmingham exhibition centre, it contains all the new cars that count, there’s non-stop action, and it can truly claim that there are things for all members of a family to do. And there’s simply no event like the Supercar Paddock in Europe: you can touch the cars one minute, and see them driven at full noise the next.

Question is, can there ever be a decent case for a formal British motor show again?