I don’t quite know what we would do without the scrappage scheme to entertain us, what with all these perfectly good cars being sent to the crusher.

It simply defies any sort of logic. The death of these cars - even a Morris Marina - proves that, while certain people know the cash price of these old bangers (£2k under scrappage), they don’t know their actual spiritual and historical value.

The official view, from Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive, is this: "The impact of the scrappage scheme is clear and we are encouraged by the positive impact it has had, increasing new car registrations for the first time since April 2008.”


Personally, I believe that the scrappage scheme has brought out the worst in people and simply resulted in mean old codgers sending their children’s inheritance to Germany and the Far East. They always could afford a Kia, but simply choose not to.

A long-term Autocar reader was poised to change his MG Maestro for a Nissan Pixo until he objected to the fact that the retail price of his potential new car had been adjusted upwards by a not inconsiderable £1000.