There’s nothing quite like a freedom of information request to stir things up.

On this occasion it was a BBC local radio station wondering why, in its area of Hertfordshire, rather a lot of cars were being clamped by the DVLA. I provided some sarcastic comment on the phenomenon.

Well, it isn’t so much an unexplained series of events as the rather obvious consequence of motorists failing to pay their road tax.

As we all know, since October last year it has been all change down at the DVLA. In case you need reminding, road tax no longer stays with the car when it is sold. The seller automatically receives a refund and the buyer needs to tax the vehicle before it is used on the road. 

I bought a car last October and seemed to know rather more about the system than the car dealer and even the DVLA. The dealer insisted that I could drive away without a care in the world. When I applied for a refund a few weeks later, the DVLA took rather a long time to deal with it all. I would like to think it’s all rather quicker now.

There really is no excuse for not paying your road tax. There may no longer be a little disc in the corner of your car’s windscreen to prompt you that it’s due, but the DVLA is still posting out its V11 reminder form. If you choose to ignore that, you could get clamped.