The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power is all about celebrating power in its many forms. 

Certainly, there's a lot more than just powerful cars here to catch the eye. There's also displays of motorbikes, boats, helicopters, jet-skis, hovercraft and all-terrain vehicles dotted across the Cholmondeley Castle estate, while in the skies regular fly-pasts of historic planes satisfy aviation enthusiasts.

Former Land Speed Record holder Richard Noble has also bought along his full-scale replica of the Bloodhound supersonic car. At the other end of the power scale a selection of lawnmowers, including the robotic Miimo lawnmower bought along by Honda, are available to tantalise both the senses and the wallet.

The Miimo is simply incredible to watch. It trims grass within an area defined by electronic wiring constantly, typically cutting off between 2-3mm of grass at a time. Because its clippings are so small, there's also no need to collect them. 

I was particularly impressed to see the element of human power on display - with big representations by both the RAF and Army cadets. Cheshire Police also have a large stand, showcasing some of their off-road law enforcement vehicles.