I've always wanted to drive a lorry. A big one. It's one of my childhood dreams.

In fact, leaving aside childhood dreams of a distinctly teenage, hyper-testosterone variety involving Cameron Diaz, it's my childhood dream no.1. Maybe it's still no.1, whatever.

I never wanted to do it on a regular basis, probably not even more than once. But it's one of those boxes that's remained unticked. Until now.

Yes. I've just driven a huge articulated Mercedes Actros, with a 550bhp V8 and millions of lb ft of torque, around a test track in Spain... with a full 40-tonne load. It was awesome.

I even got to try out the DSC. Amazingly, if you keep your hands off the retarder lever and your foot off the brake and then put it into a 180deg bend at saloon car speeds, it sorts itself out pretty very quickly - which is more than can be said for my passengers.