Unfortunately I wasn’t in Miami to witness the all-new Audi A8 being unveiled. However, if I stick a picture of an A4 in my photocopier and then zoom it up by 35 per cent - ta da!  - new A8.

Since acquiring my XJ I have become very interested in this kind of luxury car. I can’t think that a hard-riding, over-complicated A8 is going to be any better than my 14-year-old LWB Sov.

New Audi A8 revealed

I did a 200-mile late night journey in it last night, and when I was in town every time I caught sight of it in a plate glass window my heart skipped a beat.

In the jams, I saw envious glances at the British Racing Green body from cabbies, pedestrians and - most tellingly - A8 and 7-series drivers. Jaguars can be heart-tremblingly beautiful. Audis can’t.