Unfortunately I wasn’t in Miami to witness the all-new Audi A8 being unveiled. However, if I stick a picture of an A4 in my photocopier and then zoom it up by 35 per cent - ta da!  - new A8.

Since acquiring my XJ I have become very interested in this kind of luxury car. I can’t think that a hard-riding, over-complicated A8 is going to be any better than my 14-year-old LWB Sov.

New Audi A8 revealed

I did a 200-mile late night journey in it last night, and when I was in town every time I caught sight of it in a plate glass window my heart skipped a beat.

In the jams, I saw envious glances at the British Racing Green body from cabbies, pedestrians and - most tellingly - A8 and 7-series drivers. Jaguars can be heart-tremblingly beautiful. Audis can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Audis. But apart from the R8 and TT they are a tad samey these days.

Looking back, they had some truly wonderful models that were brilliant in their own right and also a pleasure to look at to boot. The original Quattro, for instance, was both brutal and purposeful. The Audi 100LS that my dad owned was understated yet handsome with its elegantly slim pillars. And then there was the 100 Coupe, a sophisticated Euro version of an Aston DBS, but without the big engine.