I don’t want to burden you all with the boring minutiae of my motoring life, but I did get a puncture the other day. It was inconvenient, annoying and proved to be costly, as it set me back 60 notes for a new piece of rubber. Never mind.

However, while I had the boot up sorting out the thankfully full sized spare and all the toolage necessary to fit it, a well-meaning passer-by asked whether I was going to wait for the AA. Well first of all I’m not a member, so it would have been a long wait and secondly, why on earth would I?

Maybe it is a generational thing, but this was for me the most basic of motoring tasks. Before you moved up to the head de-coke, brake bleed, or clutch swap, the first task you learned was how to change a wheel. Indeed, whenever I bought Mrs R a car, I would encourage her to do it, against the stopwatch naturally.

I understand that the fast fit goons can air gun your nuts so tight that acetylene cutters can be necessary, but have we really come to this point where we can’t change a wheel on our own?

There are semi-technical questions in the driving test, but how about a bit of practical? Otherwise it is simply squirting a can of gunk where the air used to go, or waiting for a bloke in fluorescents? Or as usual am I just an out of touch automotive dinosaur that thinks that the modern approach to motoring is rubbish?