So some purists are predictably jumping up and down about the new diesel-powered Porsche Cayenne. But does an oil-burning engine stop it from being a ‘proper’ Porsche?

Cayenne Well I guess it depends whether you think an engine alone is responsible for a marque’s character. I think not. There’s the way it drives, the way it feels, the way it looks, even the way it smells to consider.

Just because Porsche is now making diesels doesn’t, for me at least, signal a complete dereliction of duty. And if the profits from the Cayenne TD go towards the development of the next Cayman and 911 then all the better.

Who knows, maybe a Boxster with a suitably potent diesel engine would be a belter? Now as to the question of whether the Cayenne itself is a proper Porsche? That’s another matter…