How many other cars have distorted the time and space that has elapsed during the last 3650 days as completely as the 987bhp Bugatti Veyron?

Answer: none.

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How many other cars during the last 10 years have been able to deliver sufficient acceleration to be able to stay with a Formula One car if pushed, while at the same time providing the kind of cruising refinement you’d expect of a Bentley saloon?

Answer: none.

How many other cars from the last decade have managed to channel so much raw energy – 955lb ft if we are being precise – so cleanly and so effectively to the road, without feeling in the least bit edgy or dangerous or overwhelming to drive?

Answer: none

And how many other cars that have gone on sale during the last 520 weeks have been capable of a genuine 252mph, but which also could pass the exact same reliability tests applied by VW to the humble Golf?

You probably know the answer by now.

When the scriptures about the current era of motoring are eventually set in stone, or more likely etched irrevocably into a silicone chip, the Veyron may well end up being remembered as the greatest folly of them all; as the point at which mankind crossed the line and went too far; as “an ending” as Brian Eno might put it.

Actually, though, that’s precisely why it is so very special. Why it is, in fact, unique. It’s also why it absolutely has to be the car of the decade.

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