Subarus aren’t quite as groovy as they used be. Back when they were called Scoobies and Richard Burns and Colin McRae had them as company cars, nothing was cooler.

Sadly, they have lost their edge over the years, and become rather forgettable. There's no replacement planned for the SVX supercar, either, which looked like the future (once) and unfortunately no one bought. So let's celebrate the wonderful and occasionally bonkers world of used Subarus.


The irony of the Legacy is that it won’t leave one. Drive one, though, and you might just start to enjoy yourself. Those characterful boxer engines, the grippy four-wheel drive system and the supple chassis make it feel like a grown-up Impreza - except that it looks like something your dad would drive to the bowls club. Equipment levels are good across the range, and although the interior is spacious it is more of a four than five-seater.