The ban on smoking in cars does not come soon enough. Many years ago I was travelling in the passenger seat of a friend’s 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood when I lobbed a nearly dead JPS (the tab of choice for any Ronnie or Mario fan) out of the window.

Several minutes later there was a nasty burning smell from the back of the Caddy. The butt had blown back in the rear window and set alight to the shagpile carpet. My pal was not amused.

The other curse of smoking in cars is the effect it has on motorcyclists. Any biker of long experience will have had the very frightning experience of having a smouldering stub of a fag blow into his crash helmet. Car drivers who lob fags out of the window without looking in the mirror first are almost as annoying as those drivers who squirt their windscreens before first looking to see if there’s a biker behind. At night you have more of a chance of dodging a butt because they show up like tracer, but that alone is no reason to continue to let drivers puff away at the wheel and then flick their ends anywhere they feel.

I gave up smoking many years ago so no longer follow the subject, but just as a matter of interest, is there anywhere one is still allowed to smoke?

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