A long time ago I went to the press launch of a Toyota Camry.

Avenis I remember almost nothing about it, save that the only thing the Toyota top brass had to crow about was that it had a superior heating system to the equivalent Audi, BMW or Merc. After driving Toyota’s effort later in the day it was all too apparent why they weren’t boasting about anything else.

This morning I was wondering whether Toyota has been keeping it’s ‘ventilation leadership’. I took home a new Avensis last night and like every other morning for the past fortnight I was faced with a completely iced up car. Yet every window was cleared and the cabin nice and cosy in literally half the time of any other motor I’ve had to do it in. And that includes the Jaguar XF with a heated front screen.

Though, just like the Camry I fear the Avensis’s heater may well be the only thing that it does better than the opposition. I’d rather wait an extra minute for the Mondeo to defrost.