What’s your reaction when you see an Audi with its LED lights ablaze at 11am on a bright sunny day? Do you think; wow, those things look a bit suave, nice car my friend, well done?

Do you think; although it looks a bit flash, at least I can see that car from miles away, which is a good thing on our increasingly crowded roads? Or do you think; what a berk. And no, absolutely no way am I going to let you into that gap.

Here’s a thing. I used to be split pretty much straight down the middle on this. The car lover in me quite likes the way LEDs look, the car driver in me knows they are almost certainly safer than no lights at all – and the car cynic in me knows that most people who light them aren’t doing so purely on safety grounds.

Yet until recently I thought that, certainly as far as Audis are concerned, you couldn’t actually switch them off – just like you can’t switch the sidelights off on Volvos without removing the fuse.

Except I’ve discovered that you can. Scroll through the computer menu and you will come across a setting marked “lights” (amazing that…). By clicking in the relevant box you can program the LEDs to automatically come on whenever you start the car, or you can click them off.