It obliterated all before it, basically. And so despite the more obvious allure (or so you’d think) of machines such as the Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M5 and McLaren MP4-12C, your very own car of the year for 2011 is – ta-daa – the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Thank you for voting, and thank you for coming up with such a weird and wonderful range of cars. I’m not entirely sure what the Morgan vote says about the typical contributor to this site, other than that you are clearly not just interested in the mainstream. Which, all things considered, is deeply refreshing.

The top seven in order were:

Morgan 3 wheeler 10 votes

Lamborghini Aventador 5 votes

BMW 1-series M Coupe 4 votes

Ginetta G40 R 4 votes

BMW M5 4 votes

VW Up 2 votes

McLaren MP4-12C 2 votes

Cars that got just the one vote were:

Ginetta G60