Last weekend I went to Alton Towers. I don’t think I will bother to go back.

I wasn’t desperate to go in the first place, but there were teenagers who wanted to go on vomit-inducing rides and then jump around at a concert.

Actually the concert was excellent. Notable that many bands involved ‘sample’ (as the groovy cats say) numerous hits from my yoof. 

Not so excellent was getting to Alton Towers. Having left at early o’clock we were 10 minutes away on the A50, in the vicinity of Uttoxeter, when it all slowed to one mile an hour. To cut a slightly long story short, after that hour we went off grid. Not with a sat-nav but a proper old 1999 Collins road atlas. That ladies and gents did the job. We left the tail backs behind and did a B and C-road shuffle and got there in no time.