Compiling a list such as this is as much about the ones you agonizingly choose to leave out, rather than the ones you select.

Even so, after decades of deliberation and several million hours spent on my sofa conducting in-depth research, here is my all time top 10.

Should you feel the need to disagree and produce a top 10 of your own, fire away. It could be fun working out an all-time list from your votes...

10 Carquake9 The Gumball Rally (the proper one)8 Gone in 60 seconds (ditto)7 Two Lane Blacktop6 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry5 Vanishing Point4 The Driver3 The French Connection2 Duel1 Bullitt

Caveat 1; Le Mans isn’t a car chase, it’s a car race.Caveat 2; Climb Dance isn’t a chase because it only involves one car. Otherwise I’d have picked both.