Used cars

Is there ever a right time to sell a treasured car?

Despite ballooning used car prices, our man has a major case of seller's remorse

3 August 2021

The dilemmas created by appreciating used car values

With an appreciating Mazda MX-5 on the drive, our man faced a conundrum - to sell or not to sell

7 July 2021

Why interesting cars could face an early demise

Super-sleuthing is required in order to keep old cars on the road for longer

3 June 2021

Opinion: should range anxiety really be a concern?

Data shows that most people’s journeys are short trips, so why are we worried about an electric car with less than a 200-mile range?

24 March 2021

SSC deserves applause but Bugatti is still fastest

SSC has just announced a new top speed record, but our man thinks Bugatti still wears the crown

27 January 2021

Why the electric Renault 5 makes sense

Retro-inspired Renault 5 is part of CEO Luca de Meo's bold new plan for the French manufacturer, which could just work

14 January 2021

Why Mazda is right to ditch driving modes

Everything from SUVs to supercars offers personalisation nowadays, but Mazda believes in a simpler way

18 December 2020

Will Chinese car brands succeed in Europe?

Now that Chinese car manufacturer Xpeng has announced it’s coming to Europe, will the floodgates open for others?

16 December 2020

Why the boss of Formula E remains bullish

Alejandro Agag remains convinced electric motorsport is the future and has an intriguing trump card

11 December 2020

A trip down memory lane as the Lamborghini Diablo turns 30

Andrew Frankel remembers a less than easy relationship with Lamborghini’s supercar

9 December 2020
IDreamAfrica Meob Safari 32TDWDay 2 Kom M 1
Image by Piers L'Estrange

Why the Toyota Hilux matters in Africa

With vast distances and no AA in sight, the pick-up's reliability has made it a popular choice in Africa

7 December 2020

What do the kids really think of SUVs?

If you want to build a brand identity, listen to the children

1 December 2020


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