12 July 2017

Carroll Shelby reportedly used to place a $100 bill on the dashboard of a Shelby Cobra 427 and told passengers that, if they could reach it under full acceleration, they could keep it.

So we wondered: how feasible was that?

We've taken a series of increasingly fast cars, and tested Shelby's theory. What will work: a Renault Zoe? A Ford Fiesta ST200? A Bentley Bentayga? An Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrofoglio? Or perhaps an Aston Martin DB11?

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bowsersheepdog 10 September 2017

Quids in

I don't think that would have worked had Prior not generously helped by making it more difficult for himself.  I doubt that anyone with unimpaired mobility would be beaten unless the seat was set very far back or at an unusual angle, but not from a normal seating position.

Lapps 13 July 2017


Never tried that trick, but I've tried the opposite. In my checkered past I once had the luck to deliver a customers Corvette from our Depot to the airport for shipment. The trip required the use of 'trade plates' which I chucked on top of the dash under the windscreen. The Sales manager wanted to come with me and hopped into the passenger seat. We blasted off and the Plates leaped off the fast and hit her flat in the face! I wasn't very popular!!

typos1 13 July 2017

Why not try it in a Tesla ? -

Why not try it in a Tesla ? - even the slowest hurts your neck at full accelaration from rest.

xxxx 13 July 2017


On Youtube there's quite a few examples. Especially funny one with the drivers son