11 November 2014

An all-new supercar conceived by an ex-plumber from Holland doesn’t sound promising but the reality of the Vencer Sarthe is different, as Steve Sutcliffe discovers.

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Einarbb 16 November 2014

The different sound most probably has to do with ...

... the engine in Vencer Sarthe operating at lower reeves. You don't get then that high pitched F1 like scream, you get when engine is operating say between 6-8th. reeves. Instead say between 4-6th. reeves it sounds like to be the operating reeve range of the Sarthe. That indicates an engine that could easily produce additional 200bhp. I guess a positive aspect may be that - the Sarthe's engine through being relatively low stressed, could hence bee expected to last longer before an expensive overhaul shall become necessary.
Peter Cavellini 11 November 2014


Not so sure i like the sound,if you like the sound of sports prototype Cars from the 80's,the noise doesn't compare to say a Pagani,any AMG engine for instance.