18 July 2014

BMW's petrol-electric all-wheel-drive sports car hits the UK with the promise of supercar-grade acceleration, supermini-beating fuel economy and limousine-like cruising ability.

Steve Sutcliffe finds out whether the driving experience lives up to BMW's claims on the very best driving roads that Scotland has to offer.

Read our full review of the BMW i8.

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ethanswager 4 September 2014

BMW i8 hybrid sports car

I have been a huge fan of BMW cars; every occasion I used to wait for the new BMW version. Previously we have also found that BMW supports the concept of producing electric cars therefore we came to know about BMW i3 series and now we can get a new version BMW i8. BMW i8 is especially known for its sports features and in BMW i8 we have found both hybrid and sports technology. I was just wondering about the revolutionary change in automobile world through these kinds of new inventions.
david RS 30 July 2014

To lighten why let a driver?

To lighten why let a driver?
Peter Cavellini 24 July 2014

does what it says on the Tin...?

Yep!, yes it does,for the money it is a bargain,but, not many of us have the money,still, that aside,i don't like it in White,Blue,Green,Red, any shade of these would be nice, even the Austin Yellow the M4 comes in,and,how about a 6 series looking like this.....?,with just a Petrol engine?