27 January 2017

The new Porsche Panamera Turbo is a sensation luxury sports car. It manages to be both amazingly fast and supremely comfortable. 

But does it do both of those things better than anything else in the class? We pitch it against the BMW M6 Gran Coupe and Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe too, to find out which is best for both the driver and a captain of industry passenger.

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Trundlebug 30 January 2017

Where was the Jaguar XJR?

Why an all German comparison?
Surely an XJR would have been a very worthy contender in every respect against this line up.
It doesn't have to be German to be fast or luxurious, Autocar.
thomasammy749 10 February 2017


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madmac 28 January 2017

CLS63S 4Matic ,RS7

CLS63S 4Matic ,RS7 Performance ,AlpinaB6 would have been more equal competitors.All superb no doubt,and the Porsche is the choice if Money No Object.Here in Canada it is at least $50,000 more than all these rivals I mentioned.
Of all, the M6/B6 is the only one with a centre seat for my grandson to enjoy the ride as well.
Would love to see a proper full and instrumented test with the New E63S 4Matic+ and new M5 Xdrive.Not to forget the also upcoming new CLS63S,M6 Xdrive,Alpina B5/B6.Exciting times for the exotic luxury lot,and they are CARS, not SUV's !!
Overdrive 28 January 2017

Not sure that was the most

Not sure that was the most objective or scientific way to decide which is the most luxurious performance car. All 3 very nice cars. The Porsche, being the newest and having 4WD on the wet road here, is probably the best all rounder, but to me the M6, both in terms of its sportier looks and being the most dynamic appeals more.