19 December 2014

Has Porsche's performance SUV finally come of age? Steve Sutcliffe asks whether the £61,474, 380bhp Cayenne S Diesel should have rivals like Land Rover worried.

Read the full first drive review here.

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Frightmare Bob 28 December 2014

I'm not in the market for a

I'm not in the market for a big SUV but, if I was, I think I would have to be mad to buy a Range Rover rather than one of these.
Peter Cavellini 28 December 2014


Much a detest Diesel's,not for the fact they are hard to pass,it's there global warming properties,Diesel is STILL 4 or 5p a litre dearer than Petrol(WHY?,can anyone explain?),but,in this context,it's the ideal package,lots of power and torque,comfy interior,not sure about the key fob,must rattle a bit on the fascia,and,as Steve said,a lot of car for the money.
RPrior 20 December 2014

Ideal for the One car family

Great flexibility as an Intercontinental express or a shopping trolley to the local hypermarket followed by a trip to the Gymkhana or Point-to-Point towing the horsebox.

This particular Cayenne must be one of the most effortless machines to drive over widely ranging roads and surfaces.

My last trip in a Cayenne was in a snow storm in Munich, which posed no threat to the stability of the vehicle.