25 October 2014

Ferrari’s brilliant 458 Speciale takes on McLaren’s potent 650S and the well-proven Porsche 911 GT3. Which will come out on top at Castle Combe? Steve Sutcliffe referees.

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BillGreen0_0 26 October 2015

Its the Porsche (Porsch-a) all the way

Half the money, twice the charisma, it just has to be the 911. And the sound - two bland V8s against that flat 6 is no contest (at least for me). For anyone worried about the 911 being cheaper, I can recommend a charity.
bowsersheepdog 28 October 2014

Two out of three ain't bad.....

.....but one out of three is great. To a prospective Porsche buyer McLaren are saying give us ninety-five grand and we'll give you two turbos, an extra 8mph and 0.3 quicker to 60. Ferrari say give us a hundred and eight thousand quid and we'll give you 700cc, 6mph extra and 0.3 quicker to 60. Whatever way you do the arithmetic the answer always comes out Porsche. One thing I find very strange about this video, though. Is there some law that states the cars have to drive around the track in the same order all the time? Apart from one brief moment, that we didn't actually see from outside the vehicle anyway, when the 650s passed the GT3 down a straight, it was like formation flying, just following the leader. Is there some reason why they couldn't try putting each of the other two up front and finding out if those behind could keep up?
caribbeanautogl... 28 October 2014

The Ferraro

I never liked Porsche,and I am definitely not a McLaren fan,I have always liked Italian cars,and this gives me more reason to do so.Ferrari is just a stunning car.I have owned 2 Alfas in the past.I currently own a Maserati Grand Sport and a Fiat 500 Abarh,and will trade in mt Range Sports for the Maserati SUV when available,but I am happy to see the Ferrari coming out on top here,and that sound.INCREDIBLE.WOWO.O I am also awaiting the new Alfa 4C.