25 October 2014

Ferrari’s brilliant 458 Speciale takes on McLaren’s potent 650S and the well-proven Porsche 911 GT3. Which will come out on top at Castle Combe? Steve Sutcliffe referees.

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25 October 2014
Half the money,all the performance i'll ever need on the Public highway,the unlikely event of meeting the other two are remote,so, i'd have the Porsche!

25 October 2014
It may be posh but it ain't a Pawsh, it's a Porsche. It's not hard.

26 October 2014
Great job.. Usefull info, brand new autos.. I like this site... If i want to choose from these three magnific cars.. i Dont know.. i think Porsche 911 GT3 its the right choose...

26 October 2014
Got to be impressed with the porker. I wonder how a Nismo GT-R would fare against this mob, Shame that cyclist bloke crashed one of the two Nismos Nissan had in the UK.

26 October 2014
Just shows what decades of careful and thorough development can do with what should be an inherently flawed car, that used to be an under and over-steering nightmare.

26 October 2014
Really enjoyed this video, fabulous, looked like examples of excellent track driving. The GT3 looks spectacular value next to these hypercars, wonder how the new cheap "Porsche beating" small McLaren is going to fit in the scheme of things, if it's very expensive brother can barely beat a GT3 ? Would be interesting to know what the tyre and brake wear was like on each of the participants at the end of the test ?

Have to say that after ten months in a 981 Cayman, which is really too "easy" fast for most road conditions, what must these machines be like on the road, very, very frustrating most of the time I'd guess ?

For my money, and with hindsight, I'd buy a little used 997 Cup, an enclosed trailer and a Range Rover Sport . I'd guess that a ( relatively ) humble 997 Cup would destroy all of these cars on track, and the RR Sport would make an excellent road car, just fast enough, and a supreme tow car, and still leave you with fifty thousand Pounds in your pocket against the two more expensive test cars !

26 October 2014
Another excellent video. Well done to all at the Autocar production team.

What a car the GT3 is, holding its own against the fabulous Speciale and 650s, which are so much more powerful. Makes you wonder what a weapon the upcoming GT3 RS will be.

26 October 2014
The best IS the best. If we want to go by price then we must open for the one thing Porsche enthusiasts hate most, Nissan GTR. Their argue has always been cheaper performance and therefor GTR is a better car while Porsche enthusiasts say price is irrelevant as Porsche offers so much more. So by that reasoning Ferrari is the best.
And it's sad to see these wonderful NA engines disappear just because some manufacturers made it easy for themselves with turbo engines. No matter how much engineering Porsche and Ferrari put into their NA engines, all the others have to do is add bigger turbos. In this very small portion of car production it's not about emissions but the unfair playground that is killing the NA engines.

27 October 2014
The Porsche 911 family just needs to end. It is, and has been for 30 years at least, dated and ugly. Just stop. I know there is a loyal baser who like it, but it's painful for the rest of the public to have to look at it and listen to them.

27 October 2014
Just before the end of fabulous cars with (NA) engines...


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