26 April 2017

The Porsche 911 GT3 is back. The revised 991.2 GT3 is a stripped-out, track-ready, ultra-focused 911 with a new, 4.0-litre flat-six engine making 493bhp in the back of it.

It might look quite similar to its predecessor but there are thousands of changes under the skin to make one of the best sports cars in the world even better, including lessons it learned from the 911 GT3 RS and 911 R

The biggest news of all, though, is that the new GT3 can be had with a manual gearbox! Guess what? This is not it! Argh. 

But join us as we explain why not, and all that is fabulous, about Porsche's latest GT3, as we test it flat out at Anglesey Circuit, North Wales.

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27 April 2017
Long live the NA F6 !

27 April 2017
Long live NA indeed. And manual gearboxes. Shame Ferrari buggered it up with the 488. Not that Autocar kicked up much of a stink about it.

27 April 2017
This car, as with all new Porsche GT3's looks utterly fabulous, and will without doubt move the performance curves upwards just a little more. The question, this like it's predecessors and the GT4 ( which I have the privilege of owning ) are clearly aimed at a track orientated owner, and none of them, and I'm certain this one will be included can pass the Noise Test Regulations at a majority of circuits in the UK and Europe, what are Porsche thinking ? I've had to devise a pair of rather ugly external rear silencers that run parallel to the rear bumper on the GT4 to bring it within noise limits on most UK circuits, places like Goodwood, or Bedford Autodrome it's induction noise trips the meters and see's me expelled ! It would be nice if Autocar could ask the question " what are Porsche proposing to allow customers to use their cars on UK tracks " ?

27 April 2017
How about a trick exhaust that closes a baffle or two to lower that sensational Engine noise?!

Peter Cavellini.

28 April 2017
Away in the wet. They haven't come close to solving that issue.


28 April 2017
Or was it my imagination? So £110k entry for something undeniably great for the track. You could say its had its "greatness" priced in.

30 April 2017
No doubt this is a great track car and is apparently noisy inside now to save weight, does this mean the RS version destined for dealers wanting to hold them for profit will be unpleasant on the road? £110k may be steep but sounds a bargain compared to an R version which is now running at half a million because of the manual box, a four litre engine and less downforce. If I had just paid £500k for one of those I would be worried about this new car with a better higher revving engine.


7 May 2017
Great review Matt Prior. Like your no nonsense, factual approach. Sometimes it's nice to see the car just going quick around a circuit though, not showboating sideways, although that was possibly more for your own fun than anything else.

27 October 2018

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