27 September 2016

So we’ve taken a BMW M2 and a Porsche 718 Cayman S. And we’d like to know two things: which of these two German sports coupes is faster around our handling circuit, and which of them is more fun.

The M2 is front-engined and has a straight-six cylinder turbocharged engine making 365bhp. The 718 Cayman S, though, is mid-engined – a more racy layout – but these days has to make do with a mere four-cylinder engine, albeit one making 345bhp. Our testers are standing by to answer both questions.

Let us know if you'd have the Cayman or the M2 in the comments below.

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27 September 2016
The M2 seems like a more complete proposition so I would have a manual one. A naturally aspirated engine in the Cayman would have turns the table even if the cars would never see a track but as it is it seems to me like the M2 would impart enjoyment on the road while striking a balance with usability.

28 September 2016
That hideous M2 front bumper is absolutely intolerable. So Porsche wins.

28 September 2016
With the loss NA flat 6, the Cayman is dead.

29 September 2016
I understand the win in lap time, a considerable lower mass and center of gravity will help that, but the comments read "the M2 is more balanced and has a better engine" and yet the Cayman wins on driving pleasure?
I simply wouldn't take the Cayman over the M2 after the Porker had a WRX STi heart transplant. The M2 looks some much more rounded as an overall package while still keeping the excitement and pace that's expected.

31 December 2017

I’m currently choosing between the two and am going for the M2, the Cayman is a great drive but the motor in my 235 is better and the M2 a level up. If you listen to the cars going past in the video you can’t hear the Cayman at all but you definitely hear the M2, subjective I know but I am a sucker for the sound of a real engine. Final nail in the Cayman is financial, I can afford either but the PCP is 3% higher on the Porker. This means you are paying £100 a month extra interest, crazy, are they a car company or a bank?  Given options will be an extra £4K to get even a sensible spec the difference between Prior’s thumb and forefinger just isn’t enough, and everyone would be looking for the surf dudes when I drive past!

15 April 2018

So to update I took delivery of an M2 in Jan and have done 4500 miles already, it was a great choice. Ilove it, particularly the engine which is much better than the Cayman. The noise and growling on the over run is intoxicating. Handling is much improved on my Quaife equipped 235 as well, its much more stable and posotive on turn in. Im likely retiring at the end of the 3 year PCP so will probably have to sell it, im already thinking i may not go for early retirement after all!

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