24 December 2013

Supercharged V8 plays V12 plays naturally aspirated V8. The Jaguar XKR-S GT is the most potent version of its flagship XK coupe ever, and no more than 50 will ever be built. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is the ultimate incarnation of the firm's beautiful Vantage.

But are either powerful or delicate enough to unseat our favourite super coupe, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series?

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24 December 2013
This changes nothing, I still want the Aston.

Now I just need to borrow Stewie Griffin's time machine and mop-up a lottery win.

24 December 2013
All other tests have found Jag to be quicker and superior to Aston... And why cant these tests be done on a dry track?? If you want to find what the max performance of the car is, why would you test it on the damp track???

24 December 2013
Email to PR depts at Aston, Jag and Merc:

You know how you all cleared your schedules and bent over backwards to provide us with a free car all on the same day? Well it's a bit drizzly so can you come and take them back? We can try this again tomorrow and the next day and so on till we have some luck. Alternatively, you could all deliver the cars to somewhere warm and dry (Morocco perhaps?) and we'll meet you there. Sorry for the inconvenience but it's the only way we can get people like iCartech to shut up.

24 December 2013
No, iCartech, all other tests have NOT found Jag "to be quicker and superior to Aston." Simply untrue. BTW, I'm pretty sure roads sometimes get damp, so this might actually be a bit more relevant to a road car than the ultimate lap time in ideal conditions -- when was the last time you found ideal conditions on the road?

26 December 2013
Nothing really,just a new video crew?,fancier filming technique's!?

26 December 2013
Is the Aston Martin the only one of the group with a transaxle gearbox, and the benefits that go with a high polar moment in this type of car ?


4 January 2014
Not impressed by the Jag.

542bhp, should go round castle combe faster than 1:25, even in the wet. You could get a Golf GTI round in that time.

And I hate the name, there are too many addons to the original car, first theres a Jaguar XK, then XKR, then XKR-S, now XKR-S GT... too many revisions

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