24 December 2013

Supercharged V8 plays V12 plays naturally aspirated V8. The Jaguar XKR-S GT is the most potent version of its flagship XK coupe ever, and no more than 50 will ever be built. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is the ultimate incarnation of the firm's beautiful Vantage.

But are either powerful or delicate enough to unseat our favourite super coupe, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series?

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haz 4 January 2014


Not impressed by the Jag.

542bhp, should go round castle combe faster than 1:25, even in the wet. You could get a Golf GTI round in that time.

And I hate the name, there are too many addons to the original car, first theres a Jaguar XK, then XKR, then XKR-S, now XKR-S GT... too many revisions

Ravon 26 December 2013

Transaxle Gearbox ?

Is the Aston Martin the only one of the group with a transaxle gearbox, and the benefits that go with a high polar moment in this type of car ?
Peter Cavellini 26 December 2013

What's new?

Nothing really,just a new video crew?,fancier filming technique's!?