28 August 2014

Steve Sutcliffe drives the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG. With 355bhp from its 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine it's certainly powerful, but is it worth £44,595? And is it as good as the stunning A45 AMG hatchback?

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28 August 2014
Mercedes really are a mixed bag these days. They can turn out truly impressive cars such as the S-Class but at the same time offer something as baffling as this GLA.

28 August 2014
I get it.

I don't want a huge car, but I want a decent boot. I want four wheel drive and a bit of extra ground clearance - before my current and last Yetis I had an Avensis and broke the gearbox housing twice crossing building sites and unmade trails. I don't need Land Rover ability off road. I'd like something mildly ludicrously quick.

For what I'd like this looks very well matched; I accept I'm probably in a small minority.

Also the GLA250 I tried was more or less ruined by the stupid position of the gear change (on a lever to the right of the steering wheel) and electronic handbrake (somewhere near my right knee as it would be on an old C-class) - both issues fixed in the AMG version.

29 August 2014
It offers a choice, what's so bad about that? If you think it's not as good as the A45 get that instead, if on the other hand it's differences are important to you then get this one. What is the problem?

29 August 2014

I was also wondering if the extra suspension height translates into a better ride as it does in the normal vs AMG A-class.

29 August 2014
Yep, baffling. But I imagine it plays very well to a certain demographic; one that is well-heeled enough to see this kind of expenditure as perfectly reasonable for a second-car, and one that sees this kind of performance as perfectly reasonable for picking the kids up.
With this, Merc are clever - they take a platform that effectively encompasses a 15K car (base A-Class) and can treble its price. As far as I know, no other non-German company can manage this. Which is one of the reasons the German car companies are in rude health.

29 August 2014
There's a niche for everyone these days,dare say this type of Mercedes is becoming popular,as for off Road,well the bit that was shown apart from two deep-ish Puddles and a muddy slippery slope wasn't exactly what i'd call off Roading.

31 August 2014
Why not? It was certainly not on a road.

3 September 2014
With all due respect you could get a Vauxhall Corsa over that dirt track.

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