20 May 2014

This is the first comprehensive UK video road test review of the new McLaren P1. Over the course of three days Steve Sutcliffe assesses the 903bhp hypercar on a drag strip, a race track and challenging country roads.

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tomlindley92 3 July 2014

1st review?

First and last video review of the mclaren P1 seem to remember Jeremy clarkson doing a review at spa back in February? And I'm sure there will be a triple test between the 918, P1 and laFerrari at some point
Peter Cavellini 23 May 2014


Yes we should,but as Steve said he wouldn't drive it anywhere near it's track potential on public roads,that in it's self says that Mr/Mrs/Miss would still need to have the talent of a pro driver,because it's so quick in any given situation that your senses can't keep up.I think it's purely a track toy,kind of like Ferrari's FXX,beggars the question,should it be sold to people who can handle a car like this?,i just don't think it's for the Public Highway.
david RS 22 May 2014

Long live the NA engine !

Long live the NA engine !