20 May 2014

This is the first comprehensive UK video road test review of the new McLaren P1. Over the course of three days Steve Sutcliffe assesses the 903bhp hypercar on a drag strip, a race track and challenging country roads.

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20 May 2014
...love the covering up of the digital speedo on the road sections!
Doesn't sound inspiring to me.....rather bland compared to the Ferrari's V12

20 May 2014
I see the effects of your Speed Awareness course have worn off. Oh, and you cheated, you only gave the Mercedes a 3.7 second head start, not 5.

“Velcro? What a rip-off!”

20 May 2014
Somehow it has the same sense of purpose of the F1 despie being totally different technichally. I suppose the NA engine will make the Laferrari more emotional so the difference between the two manufacturers remains, but I would have this one if I had a million to spare because its really like a weapon you wish to use and not an art object like the Ferrari.


20 May 2014
Great video on the P1 Steve. But surely, any British owner of a P1 driving it on public roads is going to be coming up behind other cars a lot and wanting to overtake. They can't overtake though, because of the P1 only being available in LHD! The thought of having to cross over the centre line of the road to see past the 4x4 in front, and risk having a very expensive wing mirror taken off by an oncoming vehicle would petrify me for sure. Why have McLaren made the best drivers car in the world better to use abroad than in the UK? Would McLaren do a RHD P1 as part of their 'Special Operations', if some one paid enough for it?

20 May 2014
Motor Trend got their P1 to 60 in 2.6, 100 in 4.7, 150 in 9.9 and 1/4m in 9.8 at 148.9mph. Their 918 was I think quicker to 60 (4WD) but then did 5.2 to 100, just like this P1. I don't have the ability to extract the difference in the speed of the big three, but I do have the ability to hear that NA V12 in the Ferrari, so currently leaning in that direction. BTW McLaren had a P1 and a 650S for you to look all over at the Sonoma Historic Races last weekend, and the panel gaps are finger thick. Since even Ferrari wouldn't accuse McLaren of poor quality construction, I wonder why that is?

20 May 2014
@275not599 The Motor Trend P1 was a prototype, so part of the difference may have been due to that.

I agree with you and 289 about the sound: the LaFerrari is the clear winner. I was very impressed with the first round of P1 videos, but since the LaFerrari embargo has been withdrawn the McLaren has been put in the shade slightly. I think it looks excellent, though.

20 May 2014
Add just a beautifull rear and a NA V12.

20 May 2014
Nope, still don't like it. I feel like I want to like it but I just don't.

20 May 2014
Unlike various motorcycle riders prosecuted for creating a videos of themselves speeding on public roads Steve gets away with it again with on coming traffic and sheep on the road, time the police took some sort of action, it's time for them to buy a faster car to chase him, but I don't think the LaFerrari will be up to it.

20 May 2014
STEVE SUTCLIFFE = Lucky bugger!


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