18 March 2015

The McLaren P1 GTR is the ultimate incarnation of the Woking firm's hypercar, and gets a combined 986bhp from its hybrid powertrain. Priced at £1.98 million, the P1 GTR is only being offered to existing P1 owners. Andrew Frankel takes it for a drive.

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289 23 March 2015

@ Peter Cavellini

...agreed Peter, clearly chosen for safety!, but not for spectacle. A bit of a non event.
It also sounded crap too for a million pound car.
Andrew didn't seem to be enjoying the experience, he looked really apprehensive.
Peter Cavellini 21 March 2015


Not much to see,as said,boring,flat,featureless circuit,no real impact,sensation giving action,boy, was that a snooze.
suman 18 March 2015

Did Andrew Frankel swear?

That must have been quite a drive - I'm sure Andrew was heard on video saying "F***ing hell" when he came back into the pits.