14 August 2015

Richard Webber pays the Land Rover Defender a farewell tribute in the only way possible - a challenge. But just to remind us all how superbly capable and resilient these fantastic vehicles are, he's chosen a 20-year-old Defender 90 with 216,000 miles on the clock to make a trip...into the Atlantic ocean.

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Clarkey 6 October 2015

A Jeep got there first...

Like so much of the Land Rover story a Jeep got there first and actually crossed the Atlantic rather than indulging in a bit of wading.
NMGOM 20 August 2015

Big Mistake!

C-mon, Land Rover. Don't let us down. Keep on making the Defender. You know you already have a market all over the world. Jeep Wrangler's in America are selling so rapidly that dealers have them on the lots for only about 72 hours. And MB can't even make enough G-wagons to satisfy demand. Yes, all of these are boxy, but so what? They are functional and user-friendly.

Yes, make your new one, too. But for God's sake (and mine), continue on with this old-design Defender as well. What prevents you from having two models, side-by-side? Don't make the big mistake of eliminating a tradition and an appearance that is unmistakeable!

(BTW, Autocar: absolutely superb video!)


Peter Cavellini 17 August 2015


Has to one of the best video's Autocar has ever done!,what a vehicle the Landie is.