21 August 2014

It's our first chance to test Lamborghini's new 602bhp, V10-engined successor to the Gallardo on UK roads. Is the reputedly more user-friendly Huracán a proper Lamborghini? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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jck9 12 September 2014

Huracan Bashers

Seriously, some of you read an article or watch a video and you think you are super car experts.
The Huracan is clearly a road car and as Steve said, on the road under steer is not a problem. Not many driver's are in the same league as Steve or better so buyers of a Huracan will not be throwing it around like he does on a track or a controlled environment. Huracan buyers get a road car that has amazing looks, awesome sound, incredible acceleration, tremendous grip, great handling and a luxury finish inside and out. You only have to Google "exotic car crash" to confirm that most super car buyers are not super drivers so why are some of you having a go at Lamborghini for wanting to protect it's customers. If people want something more outlandish they can buy an Aventador, a future Huracan variant more suited to the track or simply a track based car. For 99% of drivers, under steer at the limit on a track will have little relevance to driving on the road.
147alfamale 27 August 2014


Am I the only one who spotted the mysterious white dog that floated in the back ground at 2:55 mins in......
J13Dog 2 September 2014


It's a camera drone. The military use them to find targets to kill. Normal people use them to film footage rather than using helicopters. Back to the Lambo. There will be other versions that come out that Steve will say " this is how the Huracan should have been from the beginning " like the 12C 650S debate. However without the 12C first and then its upgrade the 650S may have been a different thing altogether. I liked the Gallardo and this next step is also very good but it needs a little less Audi and a little more OLD SCHOOL Lambo. And sort those exterior mirrors out!
mbukukanyau 24 August 2014

This looks bad

This Bull is beggining to look just like any other Volkwagen product, a version of the Golf bettle