21 August 2014

It's our first chance to test Lamborghini's new 602bhp, V10-engined successor to the Gallardo on UK roads. Is the reputedly more user-friendly Huracán a proper Lamborghini? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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21 August 2014
A Lambo should surprise you. This is a timid (and very corporate) evolution of the last one. Lambos never used to be overtly aggressive, either.

21 August 2014
Great video review, Steve and some fast driving to be seen and enjoyed from the driver-side-roof-mounted camera. I still think the front is unmistakably Audiesque and so are some of the driving characteristics. All in all I think this car would be a huge sales success. I do hope though that Lamborghini would at some point offer driver-focussed variants of this car.

21 August 2014
I have never really been attracted to Lambo's - but this one is an exception. Interior is important to me and I quite like this. The outside is smashing too. Where I live, I'll never get to feel the understeer Steve describes. Are these things reliable? My colleague has an FF and Ferrari slapped a 7 year gaurantee on it. Presume Lamo does the same.

These are great machines for picking up attractive - if a little foolish - ladies. Any one in any doubt go here:


21 August 2014
Understeer wouldn't be an issue for me - it wouldn't be driven over 30mph just in case anyone missed seeing me drive past.

21 August 2014
Scary understeer, just great for a huge smash outside Harrods.
The youtube video of how a carbon Lambo smashes to tens of thousands of sharp carbon bits is worth watching,

21 August 2014
Maybe it was set up for real world driving

22 August 2014
So it's got the next R8 chassis, the last R8's gearbox, the new Audi TT's instrument panel, the last Gallardo's tarted-up engine, a nanny-state chassis set-up, but some lovely switches inside.

Give me a 650s please.


22 August 2014
Steve might be better waiting for the Superleggera and Balboni (2wd) versions which may favour the more adventurous driver. The base version will sell to those who value the 'me' impact rather than the engineering.

22 August 2014
If you want a Lamborghini, there are certain things you want - Looks, Noise, Challenge, Humour.

Looks - not sure.

Noise - a bit more Audi/fake.

Challenge - clearly diminished.

Humour - gone.

Gallardo wins.

22 August 2014
If you can get it up to those speeds.

On the track I can appreciate it means it is poor, but wouldn't a cheap trackday toy be better? You can get the Mazda Mx5 3.5 for about £7-10k now and fit the 300bhp BBR turbo, that will give you oversteer, If you crash it then a lot less to pay for.

The Lambo looks better to me than the Mclaren or Ferrari. People buy these cars to look good in, surprise their friends in the passenger seat with acceleration and to impress the girl at the Tesco petrol station. So it fits the bill.

They will even take a corner at 7/10ths once and be mightly impressed :D

Have you seen those youtube video's where a Gallardo cannot even make it around a US interchange with the Yank driver putting it into the central reservation backwards.

No wonder they gave up making it enthusiast friendly. It would be quicker for most folks like this to be honest.

Bloody shame though, pandering to the masses who don't want to drive it, just want to show it.



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