19 October 2016

The new Honda NSX hybrid faces our current pick of the sports car bunch, the McLaren 570S. Which wins?

The McLaren 570S is Autocar’s favourite sports car – its five star rating emphasises just how much we like it. But now the Honda NSX is here, Woking’s class-leading sports car has a new challenger to beat.

The NSX uses a mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 engine with additional thrust from three electric motors. Peak power output is 573bhp, which beats the McLaren’s 562bhp, but the Honda will have to possess more than additional grunt to beat the sublime McLaren package.

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jl4069 26 October 2016

U would think they could have mentioned the 4Wd?

But not. Four wheel drove works well in the rain. Makes for a more predictable and fail safe drive. But not a mention as it didn't meet the criteria of their proposed narrative. j
Peter Cavellini 22 October 2016

no lightweight....is it?!

Having watched your test against the Mclaren,and watched it up against a Porsche Turbo and Audi R10 Plus,the thing that holds it back is,even with an average weight adult in the seat,.it still weighs over 1800KG!,that's a lot to give away(Porsche,200Kg lighter),maybe the Hybrid should have come later and instead had it with a bigger engine?
bowsersheepdog 20 October 2016

Didn't need to be Mystic Meg

If there's a McLaren, Ford or JLR product involved then Autocar's verdict is as foreseeable as darkness at the end of the day.

Praise is deserved for the quality of both sound and vision on Autocar's videos, though. I don't recall mentioning that previously.