9 July 2014

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the spiritual successor to the 430 Scuderia, a car which we hailed as being one of the most exciting vehicles we'd ever driven. So, how does the V8-powered Speciale compare? We take it to Castle Coombe to find out.

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edmundclark936 4 August 2014

Ferrari cars basically design

Ferrari cars basically design for racing, there are variety type of models available in different look. In V8 model, they add some new features with technology so users also like the model very well.
antonio99 19 July 2014

Super Car

The Ferrari 458 is racing car which allows the driver to move fast with full comfort. The car is designed for the people who love to race in tracks, roads. The car comes with special features like navigation, Bluetooth, Sensor etc for the requirements of a car user. The advantage is its speed which covers a long distance within few minutes. The specialty is its capacity which gives more space & also protection to the driver.
david RS 15 July 2014

My toy for Christmas !

My toy for Christmas !