9 July 2014

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the spiritual successor to the 430 Scuderia, a car which we hailed as being one of the most exciting vehicles we'd ever driven. So, how does the V8-powered Speciale compare? We take it to Castle Coombe to find out.

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9 July 2014
Is this car really worth twice the cost of a 991 GT3? Will the 991 GT3 RS be worth the premium too? By the way, how much quicker would a GT3 be than Turbo S on a shortish lap?
ps the Scuderia is wonderful, 599 awful!

9 July 2014
No way it is worth twice the GT3. Maybe 50 percent more. But I believe those who will buy it can afford both, so its not really a mutually exclusive choice for them.

10 July 2014
Don't care because I lost my respect for Ferrari after shutting down the video comparison between McLaren 650S and 458 Stradale. That's abhorrent behavior of a company which is not confident in its product.

10 July 2014
Nice car but shocking video.

10 July 2014
Sure it's worth it if you have the money and want the best. When you want to improve it cost a lot on those last bits. It's like compering the price of GTR with Porsche. You have the money you buy the Porsche. The next step is Speciale.

Is Ferrari obligated to fight against all that want to beat them? Why? There are a lot of manufacturers and tuning garages that want to beat Ferrari to justify their products. Ferrari is above all that. They have already shown Mclaren is below them in building desirable sports cars. Mclaren keep installing bigger turbos to make their cars faster but speed alone does not make a desirable sports car. Even if 650S is a bit faster it's not a match for Speciale.

600hp from a 4,5L NA engine. That is top engineering. Easy to drive and accessible power, just like the 950 hp super car LaF. Looks, sound and drama. Quite a few steps ahead of Mclaren. Wouldn't you say so?

11 July 2014
Did he pass 5000rpm at any point?!

Anyway, great looking car and clearly fantastic to drive, even if at 6/10ths.

Euromillions tonight please..!

11 July 2014
Drove to the shops...

13 July 2014
Just another Ferrari?,well,yes and no,in today's car World ,simply removing weight and a few tweaks to the running gear just isn't enough,there are too many better cars for less,maybe it's just the cache of owning an iconic brand,but, is that enough?,again, maybe a few years ago,owning one was seen as something to be lucky to afford one,but, nowadays there are cars that go plenty fast enough in all the right areas to negate buying something like this,it's in the right market,small,but populated buy well off people,i guess we share the same roads,just different Worlds,this Ferrari...?......neah,sooner have a BMW,preferably with an M badge on it's rump!

14 July 2014
The people that are buying this car are probably buying it because they are on the waiting list for the next Ferrari supercar. And let's be honest the video wasn't great but you know the car will have been.

15 July 2014
My toy for Christmas !


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