9 December 2013

Just because a car is a replica doesn't mean it has to be slow and archaic. The XCS Fusion Cobra has been designed by the team behind the Dax Rush, and features a tubular spaceframe chassis, switchable electrically assisted steering and a supercharged Chevrolet V8 that can churn out up to 639bhp.

It also gets the patented anti-roll system from the aforementioned Caterham Seven clone. The Cobra only weighs 1080kg too, resulting in a Bugatti Veyron-beating 590bhp per tonne.

It's quick, certainly, but can it beat the Jaguar XKR-S in a drag race?

Thanks to Steve Hole of totalkitcar.com

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Wanos 12 December 2013


Why do people read this magazine and watch these FREE videos when all they do is slag it off? I'm also getting sick of the " what's the point" comments. There isn't any point which is what makes them so much fun. Go to a more boring car magazine forum or go back to knitting you sad pointless people. I've said my peace.
gg19 12 December 2013


I get the point of these 'comparisons' less and less. Please show me a work to home race between a Focus and an Astra at 5.30 through London. At least I can then get to make something of an informed choice.
eseaton 10 December 2013

Steve wants one because...

I would guess it represents everything that attracted him to his profession in the first place. But if you follow the general Autocar narrative, you would assume that it would be more desirable if it was fitted with a 'DSG' gearbox, traction control, electronic damper adjustment etc. But it wouldn't, and I am pretty sure Steve doesn't really think so either.