6 August 2014

Steve Sutcliffe gets behind the wheel of the Veyron Super Sport, which is claimed capable of 258mph, to find out if it's really the world's ultimate road car.

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michael knight 8 August 2014


What's its Co2? ;)
gaco1 7 August 2014

Engineering marvel it may be...

...but I'm not the only one who'd get bored of it.

If I were to buy a car at this level, I'd want not just statistics, luxury and almost excellent dynamics, but great dynamics and a sense of excitement that is fed not just by acceleration and speed, but through every sense of your body. This points me to only one manufacturer - Ferrari. I'd pay £600k for a Aperta and have everything I could want including an appreciating asset, or pay the same £2,000.000 and get a classic Ferrari 250 (although I accept I'd struggle to find one at this price now) and watch its value go up.

fadyady 6 August 2014

An engineering marvel

An engineering marvel that VW can truly be proud of. With such mind-boggling statistics involved, the only thing missing is a self-drive function.