9 January 2020

The BMW M3 CSL (the 2003 E46 3 Series, code-name fans) is widely regarded as one of the greatest BMW M cars, like, evs. We think so too, as you can see in our mega Autocar Heroes triple test where we pitch it alongside an M2 Competition and an E30 M3.

But it was hampered by one thing: its SMG robotised manual gearbox. 

Now, one engineer and a specialist from 'Everything M3s' in Banbury, UK, has sought to set things right, by converting an M3 CSL SMG to manual - and offering it for sale.

How does it change BMW's legendary, if flawed, gem?


BMW M face-off: M3 CSL vs. M2 Competition​

Autocar Heroes: BMW E30 M3 vs M3 CSL vs M2 Competition - what's the best M Car ever?​

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9 January 2020

Nice car.

It was a nice brand.


9 January 2020

The proportions and the design are wonderful. The engine is legend. I would also take it with the manual, imho this is The best choice of transmission for an NA engine with relatively modest torque and horsepower.

9 January 2020

Or the E36 M3, E36 which has been a kind of apogee of the 3 series with a better L6 sound than the E46.


9 January 2020

Don't forget the 850 CSI. The first time I saw the 8 series (not today's one which is not outstanding), it was stunning.

I have a weakness for the M5 E34 too...

10 January 2020

I won't miss their CO2 emissions, but will miss the sound, feel and involving nature of great naturally aspirated engines, like the wonderful 3.2 straight six of the M3 CSL, when they are all replaced by electric powered road-going household appliances.

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