5 January 2015

Can BMW's new electric superstar keep pace with its performance thoroughbred sibling? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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Marky 14 January 2015

Video Tech talk...

I love your videos!!!

You've got the time-code nicely synced up between cameras, so that even when we're viewing you from the M4, we can hear you clipping the corners in the i8 as you give us a running commentary. You're also making good use of a drone. This technical points prove that you are actually a good driver and that your moves aren't practiced in a second take and pasted in. Nice.

Boring test though.


Peter Cavellini 7 January 2015

Ho hum..........

Steve,day in day out,i'd take the M4,because even taking it easy ,it'll still return a decent mpg(yes, i am a low mileage driver,7,000per yr),the i8 is still a novelty car,yes it can give you the best of both Worlds,but,as the Video proved,it just isn't meant to be chucked about on a Track,and of course we haven't mentioned the price difference have we?.
dgate 6 January 2015

power isn't going to be there

Its "more" likely to be there in a real world scenario since your not going flat out for very long in cut and thrust traffic. You also forget about regen which in normal driving extends electric range.