5 January 2015

Can BMW's new electric superstar keep pace with its performance thoroughbred sibling? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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6 January 2015
Surely there was somewhere at Castle Coombe where you could have plugged the i8 in so that we could have seen what the extra 131 BHP and 250 Nm would have added to its performance, the way you've tested it, the electric motor and drive train plus the batteries were all " dead weight", seems pretty pointless to me ? I'm certain that the people at McLaren would have insisted that the P1 was fully charged and no doubt frequently re charged during your test ? Apart from anything else, in my brief twenty four hours experience in the i8 it actually only takes a bit over an hour to fully recharge the battery pack.

6 January 2015
Maybe thats half the point. I know this was meant to be a performance test, and it failed as that in my opinion the minute he said the i8 wasn't fully charged etc. But does highlight the fact that you have to charge it, and that potentially that power isn't going to be there when you need it in any other real-world scenario.

6 January 2015
Its "more" likely to be there in a real world scenario since your not going flat out for very long in cut and thrust traffic. You also forget about regen which in normal driving extends electric range.

7 January 2015
Steve,day in day out,i'd take the M4,because even taking it easy ,it'll still return a decent mpg(yes, i am a low mileage driver,7,000per yr),the i8 is still a novelty car,yes it can give you the best of both Worlds,but,as the Video proved,it just isn't meant to be chucked about on a Track,and of course we haven't mentioned the price difference have we?.

14 January 2015
I love your videos!!!

You've got the time-code nicely synced up between cameras, so that even when we're viewing you from the M4, we can hear you clipping the corners in the i8 as you give us a running commentary. You're also making good use of a drone. This technical points prove that you are actually a good driver and that your moves aren't practiced in a second take and pasted in. Nice.

Boring test though.


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