5 December 2014

According to Bentley, the £252,000 Mulsanne Speed is a luxury car for customers who want to do the driving themselves, rather than sit in the back seat and let their chauffeur have all the fun. Can a 2685kg limousine ever have sporting pretensions? Steve Sutcliffe finds out 


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M Hooper 6 December 2014


Scotty5, How can you conclude anything when you haven't even drove the car, let alone know the exact location in Miami, where he is driving. Oh, 2685kg, 811lb ft torque and a 190mph top speed... yeah, carbon ceramic brakes doesn't seem like a bad idea to me! As for highway speed limits... do you think everyone drives at exactly 70mph every time? Most of the time, yes, but every now and then your going to want to floor the throttle if your in a rush or just for the fun of it. Also this car isn't supposed to be driven round a corner at 100% of it's potential, it's more of a car for the straights. I genuinely thought this was a good review and I like how Steve Sutcliffe accepted this was not a supercar to be thrashed round a corner at ridiculous speed, but a limo, aimed at luxury and comfort.
Cobnapint 6 December 2014

Weight a minute...

Gorgeous though the car may drive, it's sheer mass was making it lean in the most shallow of bends. If you look carefully you can see gaps appearing where the road meets the grass verge.
pauld101 9 December 2014


This car has to be one of the strongest arguments for the automotive equivalent of a gastric band.
Beastie_Boy 6 December 2014

I understand that it has to differentiate itself from a Rolls...

... But those round headlights look like a panicked afterthought to me...