11 July 2014

It's one of the best convertible sports cars money can buy, but how does the new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet compare to one of its mighty predecessors?

Steve Sutcliffe tests one of only eight 930 Flatnose models left against its modern sibling to find out which is more desirable.

Read more of Steve's thoughts on the 930 Flatnose here.

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275not599 12 July 2014

You don't really explain why

You don't really explain why you prefer the older one, which, in my view, is uglier and , in your view, has a rubbish ride, dreadful throttle response and is much slower. So what's the good stuff? Steering feel? Brake feel? Manual gearbox? Tricky handling that challenges a good driver but can kill you? What exactly are modern manufacturers going to learn from driving the flat nose?