4 April 2013

The Ducati Diavel has twice the power-to-weight ratio of the mighty Audi R8 V10 Plus, but which is quicker from zero to 150mph and back again? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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4 April 2013

If it's the same money as I'm on now, I'll be over with the lads to bump off both Steve Sutcliff and Chris Northover later today. Beats saving money by effective sourcing as I do now Biggrin

How does a Diavel compare to a Panigale though, probably slower until 3 figure speeds, but it should pull away due to aero after? More front weight bias and less overall weight on the Panigale too, so I'd expect its brakes to be better.

4 April 2013

Unfair comparison?...for the bike?, i think so,how about putting the bike up against the likes of he Hennesy,the Veyron, or,Huayra..........?

4 April 2013

Unfortunate, (but understandable) bias from Autocar here to ensure the car wins.  The problem is their choice of bike.  A Diavel is a fair comparison to something like a 911S or similar, but a 500bhp proper supercar, no that's just not fair.  It's also way too expensive at £16.5k.  A much fairer test would be against a litre superports bike, (Fireblade, R1, GSXR1000 etc at about £13k) which frankly would have murdered the Audi all day long (0-150 under 12s).  Would have made for a rubbish video though as Chris would have had time to dismount before Steve even got back to 0!!

Note, I've not even mentioned a Ducati Panigale or BMW S1000RR.......using a hypersports bike would be equally biased towards the bike!

4 April 2013


So, to a none bikest like me,would the current Hypercars give your suggestions a run for there money, the Hennessy for instance hit 265mph inside 2 miles, would it have a chance?,ditto a Veyron,a Huayra....?, just wanting to know.

4 April 2013

Great video.  Having ridden a Diavel for a day I can attest that it's nice choice of bike for this test.  Brakes, handling, power: all are beautifully balanced, not forgetting the huge section rear tyre for traction.  The only drawback is aerodynamics, where its superbike brethren would take over. 

4 April 2013

@Peter Cavellini

Good question, easy, (if long-winded) answer I think....


No I don't think any mass produced road bike would stay with the Hennessey, (but that's not really a mass produced road car is it...).  


A modern supercar, (Lamborghini Aventador perhaps?) would be about 2s SLOWER to 150 than any of the 1000cc supersports I mentioned but maybe get some, (all??) back under braking, who knows.


Hypercar for Hyperbike, (Veyron Supersports V BMW S1000RR HP4 or Ducati Panigale R) looks like the best fight based on stats, (Autocar figured the Bugatti at 10.2s 0-150).


You know what, wouldn't it be great if someone, somewhere could get all that metal together and find out once and for all.....?


4 April 2013

Don't see the point in this comparison.

Who buy's a fast bike or car in order to hit top speed then come back to zero straight away?

Now if Steve said now who's got the most change from £100 grand after purchase of either one that would be different.

5 April 2013

To be fair.....u need 700bhp per ton verse 700bph per ton!

The Audi had only 350bph per ton and won!


If you had a Venom GT.......0-150mph in 8.9 seconds would have murdered any bike you would put up against it.


The Venom GT can do over 270mph.......NO production Bike on earth can come even close to that.

0-100 5.9s

0-150 8.9s

0-180 13.3s

0-200 15.2s

0-230 19.6s



5 April 2013

You quote a 0 to 150 mph time of 8.9 seconds would murder any bike.

What a Venom GT cost may be of no importance to you  but a bog standard production Kawasaki 1400 is available that will do a standing quarter mile in about the same time reaching about the same 150 mph.

Meanwhile back on planet earth £15k will buy a biker a reliable machine capable of beating any standard production car at any speed between 0 and 100mph the only speeds that matter on public roads.

5 April 2013

The car was always going to win surely, if the guy on the bike had braked as hard as he possibly could he'd have flown off the bike as there is si little contact patch compared to the car.


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