30 July 2014

For £89,995, Aston Martin will sell you a very special version of the V8 Vantage, dubbed the N430. It's got a 430bhp 4.7-litre V8 engine, a manual gearbox and bespoke paint and trim finishes. But is this just another high-powered Aston, or is it something more special? Steve Sutcliffe decides.

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30 July 2014
This reminds me of that Rover 200 from years ago that had a big red bit round the grill. It looked crap then just like this looks crap now.

1 August 2014
@Terrier: You mean the Rover 200 BRM. Yes it did look crap and yes, this looks crap too. Oh, and I'm really bored of slow motion video of drifts and tyre smoke.

30 July 2014
Perfect shape.. but what a tasteless paint.

31 July 2014
Who in their right mind would want that paint scheme?

31 July 2014
... the V8 Vantage remains a glorious car, and a great driver's car. Thank you, Steve, for saying it's a fast car. So often we hear how it's "not that fast" or "not fast enough." Yet other cars that are no faster, such as the E92 M3, the R8 4.2 and the 991 Carrera, don't garner that complaint and are praised for their performance.

31 July 2014
They will be making cars like this in 5/10 years time. But it'll have Corvette or Viper badging and being American, you won't find a slightly reluctant gear change, the fact it doesn't ride very well or an engine that's rough at the top end makes you feel cuddly, you'll be slagging it off.

1 August 2014
Steve manages to nail the fine line between objective and subjective very well. great review - feels like i understand the difference between the 911 and this Aston. Not sure about the paint sheme but hey, easily changed.

1 August 2014
That's all I can say. Aston's have become boring to look at. And interestingly, this could be symptomatic of their financial health (See MG Rover, SAAB). Most will never get to see their balance sheet, so let's just hope that they come up with something fresh to prove that they're not going the way of the dinosaur.

2 August 2014
Is it an eight year old girl who was decorating her first cake or trying to draw a birthday card?
I think AM are losing the plot; they produce something as ridiculous as the one-77 and then put this garish looking monstrosity on the market.
The view used to be generally held that Yanks produced vulgar cars that showed a shocking lack of style and class; that is just not true anymore. For instance, Corvettes from C5 onwards, have to be the best value sporting vehicle on the Planet; they are not only excellent super cars but also just very good cars, reliable, performing and easy and thus cheaper to maintain.
I asked AM several years ago why an antique 16 valve OHV was winning everything in endurance racing against such as their 48 valve techno-complicated cars or very expensive and over rated Ferraris etc. I have it on very good authority that Ferrari 'would give their eye teeth' to have as good an engine as the Chevy Small Block, which that year was peer reviewed by BMW, Ferrari etc., etc. as the best sporting engine available.
I suggest that the ACO should introduce another parameter for the 24 Hours at Le Mans, that of price; how can it not be relevant?
The likes of Ferraris and Lambos are pretty enough to look at I suppose but they are largely form over function and a testament to the stupidity of brand marketing and those who take it seriously.

2 August 2014
the chief Engineer of the one-77 project is now at Tesla; based on personal experience, I'm not quite sure what that may portend.


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