29 June 2015

When Matt Prior first drove the Ariel Nomad he showered it with praise, saying: “To me, it feels like a landmark car. I adored it. I wanted it.”

Now he has had a go and recorded his thoughts on video. The full version is coming soon, but here is a little taste of what to expect.

Read the full road test of the Ariel Nomad

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Peter Cavellini 3 July 2015

Sorry,not for me....

I get the idea of the Car,but,in my declining years i'd prefer lots more power wrapped in a two door coupe from Bavaria.
Einarbb 1 July 2015

45 grand with extras...

...quite a bit of money for a vehicle without any bodywork. Though it does appear more fun than many things more expensive. It still remains a rich man's toy.
AHA1 30 June 2015

Not bad for a car

...but so much more fun on an enduro bike - with engine or pedals!