29 June 2015

When Matt Prior first drove the Ariel Nomad he showered it with praise, saying: “To me, it feels like a landmark car. I adored it. I wanted it.”

Now he has had a go and recorded his thoughts on video. The full version is coming soon, but here is a little taste of what to expect.

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29 June 2015
Really goes to show how very far off target most manufacturer offerings are these days. Love it.

29 June 2015
Sounds really fantastic! Now if only Nissan could make the Juke go on/off road like this! The Nismo styling is there already, the GTR engine in the wings. And you could go to the shops with it.

30 June 2015
...but so much more fun on an enduro bike - with engine or pedals!

1 July 2015
...quite a bit of money for a vehicle without any bodywork. Though it does appear more fun than many things more expensive. It still remains a rich man's toy.

3 July 2015
I get the idea of the Car,but,in my declining years i'd prefer lots more power wrapped in a two door coupe from Bavaria.

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