11 May 2016

We've driven the Audi SQ7 - can a large and heavy SUV really live up to the promises of its 'S' badge?

The numbers speak for themselves: £71,000, 2330kg, 429bhp, and a full 664lb ft of torque, available from just 1000rpm. Put simply, it's a very big, very expensive and very powerful car - but you already knew that. 

What we now need to find out is how it behaves on the road. Can it match up to rivals like the BMW X5 M and Porsche Cayenne?

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S2bear 18 May 2016

It may sound like Audi McAudi Face ...

but the front looks a bit Arsey McBoat Arse unfortunately. I know looks are subjective but I thought the previous Q7 looked a bit more purposeful whereas this one looks really really boring..
hulahoop 8 August 2016


i much prefer the looks of the old one - the latest is painfully plain and boring