4 June 2015

Matt Prior tests the Ferrari 488 GTB both on public roads and at Ferrari's Fiorano test track. Is this a worthy successor to the 458 Italia?

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eseaton 29 June 2015

Yet another car that is more

Yet another car that is more 'fast' and less 'magic'.
voyager12 22 June 2015

The side air intakes...

Completely ruin the pristine coke bottle shape. Front and rear end do look better than the 458's though. So I guess a best of both would be a 458 with the 488's butt and front end.
bezor Ta 14 June 2015

Still at the top

@ david RS
How is Ferrari a common brand? I think just because it's the best out there and the benchmark for sports cars, the cars are shown all the time. That might give you the impression of Ferrari being common but reality is they are still very exclusive and top of their class.

But it's sad that Ferrari was forced to abandon the NA engine and go turbo. Despite having the highest hp/L output of any NA engine in a sports car all the competition had to do was keep adding bigger turbos or superchargers to be faster than Ferrari. Firsthand it was unfair competition and not emissions that forced Ferrari to go turbo.