16 May 2018

The Model 3 is Tesla's most important car, because it could quite literally make or break the company.

It has plenty of potential, including impressive claims for a range of more than 300 miles and a 0-60mph time of 5.1sec. But it has also caused Tesla much stress, largely due to the unprecedented level of demand it has received and, as boss Elon Musk put it, a resulting "production hell".

But, business issues aside, today we're here to see how the Model 3 stacks up against more conventional rivals from the likes of BMW and Mercedes, and whether it can win us over with zippy performance. Our man Matt Prior gets behind the wheel to offer his verdict...

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Gargae Man 23 May 2018


Attention Matt Prior.Along with many "today people" you have adjusted the alphabetic sound of a letter.The car is a TESLA,pronounced TESSLA,phonetically not TEZLA as you keep saying in the video.

Secondly,road authorities around the world have proven the use of smart pnones while driving is becoming the biggest single reason for road accidents resulting deaths.What we have here is a big screen with all functionality required to be accessed via the touch screen.You better than anyone knows how far you travel per second at 30mph, and it only takes 1or 2 seconds for you to get the winscreen wipers going etc that you have taken your eyes off the road and run up the back of the car ahead.You even proved that when you drove the car.Yes I know wipers are now rain sensitive but wing mirrors etc are not.

As MB have done with the new B class, voice activation for all functions is the way to go,with voice directions on the GPS so you don't look at the road map. 

bowsersheepdog 24 May 2018

Re Garage/Gargae Man

That's a bit rich to criticize Prior for his pronunciation when you don't even know to put a space after punctuation.  Considering also you couldn't even spell your own username correctly such fastidiousness is misplaced.

Gargae Man 25 May 2018


You miss the point of my comment.One the English language is under enough attack without the media putting letters in words that are not there.

Two, road authorities round the world are being confronted daily by road deaths caused by drivers using technology while driving,eg texting.

We now have a car that requires you to take your eyes off the road to "change something",and at motorway speeds this becomes evenmore dangerous.

End of story

bowsersheepdog 20 June 2018

Re Garage/Gargae Man

I did not miss your point about the English language being under attack.  You made no such point to be missed.  Your comment was directed purely at Prior's pronunciation of that specific word.  If you think the language is under such attack then the best way for you to contribute to preserving it would be to learn to write it in a grammatically correct manner and use the spacebar after punctuation marks.

The second part of your rebuttal is pointless, as I did not address any other part of your previous post than the comment about Prior, and since the remainder is entirely unconnected to that comment there is no possibility of an accurate inference by you of my understanding or otherwise of that part.

yvesferrer 19 May 2018

A lot of money...

a lot of money for a giant iPad attached to a limited-range car! When the batteries are fully tested over a minimum of 10 years (which is a reasonable life for ICE car) we can discuss their viability in the real world; until then,Teslas are a nice enough gadget but not much more and far too expensive in view of their many perceived shortcomings (ergonomy being a BIG one!)

Meanwhile, work is continuing apace on better, longer-life batteries, extended range and so on: great news for techno buffs but what of the huge impact on the depreciation of these already too expensive cars? Young Musk may be a billionaire but the rest of us aren't and we look long and hard at residual values before buying...

Einarbb 17 May 2018

I do like this car mostly that is

However I dislike how far they go in putting functions into that screen, well - to need to find a submenu to alter the angle of the door mirrors, feels to my silly. Much easier to have a button at the usual place. I would also like to keep separate controls for temperature and fan. In short the basic controls including lights and wipers - perhaps having cruice control launched by a button on a stalk. Even though you'd adjust it's settings in a sub menu. I mean, advanced settings for any function make perfect sence to house in that screen, radio is also fine and music, and naturally phone and navigation as well.