19 May 2022

Restomods don't get much more glamorous than the Smit Vehicle Engineering Oletha. Developed by two engineer brothers, Kaess and Willem Smit, the Oletha is a BMW Z4 underneath, with an impossibly beautiful carbon fibre body that looks like the Z8 coupe that BMW never made.

Under the bonnet is something just as special - a 4.4-litre BMW V8, very similar to the M3 GTS, making 448bhp at some 8200rpm.

This car is a prototype but Smit would like to build a few dozen Olethas, priced around £365,000.

Join our editor-at-large Matt Prior as he tests the Oletha prototype. Take in the sights but, as importantly, the sounds, too.

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lightbody 14 June 2022
The E86 Z4 coupe on which this is converted is already a beautiful and rare car. I believe there was just 1 coupe for every 10 roadsters originally.
shiftright 19 May 2022

How much for a rebodied Z4?...Uh no....Attractive, but not that attractive.

scrap 19 May 2022

I like the video Matt! Thanks.

The Z4 cabin is fine but that big slab of silver-coloured trim across the dash probably makes it feel a little cheap for this price tag. I wonder if that could be swapped out for something 3D printed and a bit lovelier?

Probably easier said than done.

I don't really care what the cabin materials are like, if the ergonomics and seating position are good. At least this has lovely trad BMW dials and not the digital mess they favour in current models.