7 April 2022

The MST Mk1 is not, legally or by name at least, a mk1 Ford Escort. But materially and mechanically it's a close match for the formative, 1970s-era, competition-specification version of one of the most famous rally cars there has ever been; and it's both brand new and road-legal. 

Built by Motorsport Tools of Pwllheli, it's the work of a company that has spent years supporting, repairing and restoring historic mk1 and mk2 Escort rally cars. It exists in order to supply those who want a more habitable and usable, but still authentic-feeling, brand-new-and-yet-still-classic mk1 Escort with a car they can enjoy on the road as often as they like.

Built out of a mix of MST's own specially designed chassis and body stampings, and competition-grade axles and driveline components of the sort you'd find on a historic rally car, the MST Mk1 is powered by a 2.0-litre, 260bhp Cosworth 'BDG' racing engine of the same family that powered Ford's 1970s rallying Escorts, which revs beyond 8000rpm and sounds ear-splittingly shrill. Our man Matt Saunders found out exactly that on roads close to the Escort's glory-days forest rally stages in Snowdonia, North Wales. Ear plugs at the ready, folks.

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EscortBDA 7 April 2022

Why didn't they release it 4 years ago to celebrate it's first international rally win when Roger Clark won the Circuit of Ireland in 1968? Escort Twim Cam back then of course - the first rally that my dad took me to see and it's got me where I am today, drawing Ordnance Survey maps!

MST Cars 8 April 2022

We would have liked to tbh, but this took us a lot longer than we initially planned to get a version that we were happy to release.We'll just have to release a Special Edition in 2028 instead

289 7 April 2022

I dont think they need to 'neuter' the car by shoving a milk float motor in it gavsmit.

The main joy of a Group 4 Escort is the sound/fury of its BDA series engine.

They already have a substantial waiting list at MST without changing the recipe.

gavsmit 7 April 2022

I loved my MK1 Escort - but in this day and age, paying £70k - £80k for a car that will fold up like a cardboard box seems mad.

If only Ford would make a new retro-styled two door saloon that looks like the MK1 but acts like a modern car.

Make it affordable and an EV and you have a potential sales winner - like Renault will have with the resurrected 5 when it launches. 

MST Cars 8 April 2022

Watch this space gav, we've got the wheels in motion on an EV version...