9 May 2018

Ever wondered what it looks like to race around Silverstone in McLaren’s fastest ever road car?

To give you a first-hand experience, we mounted a 360-degree camera to the roof of a Senna during a recent circuit stint (the review video for which you can watch here).

With 789bhp on tap and downforce to make a World Endurance GTE car jealous, among the Woking car maker’s models it’s only beaten by McLaren Formula 1 cars on track. Little wonder all 500 examples were snapped up before the first was even revealed.

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275not599 10 May 2018

Don't waste your talent!

Sounds like a rally car, slow to change gear, boring.  Wow, you guys really know your stuff.  You should offer your services as consultants to McLaren; you know, help them to improve, I'm sure they'd be really grateful.

BradP 14 May 2018

They do know their stuff

Peter especially is experienced and full of words. Dont underestimate anyone on here. Less of the sarcasm 275not599, pls.

Carz99 24 May 2018

More words than expereince

More words than expereince unfortantly...

eseaton 9 May 2018

Honestly? Very very boring.

Honestly? Very very boring.
jer 9 May 2018

Yeah does sound unremarkable

A bit low key lacking in shreak or timbre, not like you imagine a v8. Also seems slow to change gear a bit boosty not enough revs. But maybe thats the "VR" not doing its stuff.