4 April 2014

The McLaren 650S Spider costs some £20k more than the £190,000 coupe version, and it’s worth every penny. Why? Because it can do just about everything the coupé can do dynamically yet adds a sizeable hit of extra sex appeal to go with it. And that arrives courtesy of a folding hard top roof that can glide up or down in but a few seconds, and which transforms the 650S into an even more exotic creature on the move. Steve Sutcliffe puts it to the test.

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bezor Ta 5 April 2014

Why compare it to 458?

Mclaren made this car in answer to Ferrari's Speciale. 12C was compared to 458. And Chris Harris test drive video of 650S seems a bit more realistic when he tells about both the good and the bad. When he says what is good, he also explains it, so with the bad. In comparison this video seems to be more of a commercial.
Peter Cavellini 5 April 2014

Ho hum..........

In a word......clinical!
Cardinal Fang 5 April 2014

Here we go again...

Peter, you're so predictable. Have you driven one yet?
Peter Cavellini 6 April 2014

Ho hum..........

Cardinal Fang, no i haven't but, like fellow posters ,who like me have not driven one,we still have an opinion on the car's looks,clinical means it's designed to do a job,looks wise?......well lets just say it doesn't make me want one like a Porsche GT3 does,it's a fair comment.
Guy08 4 April 2014

Only in cloud cuckoo land.


How much is "so much better" actually?

Overdrive 4 April 2014

Guy08 wrote: Seriously? How

Guy08 wrote:

Seriously? How much is "so much better" actually?

Apparently "so much better" is the equivalent of only half a star in Autocar speak! That's what happens when a magazine hypes the original so much......which makes you wonder if they're also hyping the 650S a tad.