25 December 2021

Let's say you've got a team of people and equipment and you need to get them somewhere inhospitable to work. You can't fly, it's too far to walk, and no regular 4x4 is inclined to go there. You might just want a Fat Truck.

Fat Truck. Honestly, what a great name. The Fat Truck, made by Zeal Motor in Canada, is a go-anywhere all terrain vehicle for the most difficult of terrains, thanks to its massive balloon tyres that can be inflated and deflated on the move. It can do 25mph on land or, get this, 3mph on water, as those big tyres paddle it around.

It can also basically turn in its own length, because the wheels on each side can turn in opposite directions to give it amazing manoeuvrability.  Its power comes from a modest-sounding 67bhp 2.2-litre Caterpillar diesel engine, which drives a hydrostatic transmission, so it's dead easy to drive.

How easy? And how unstoppable? Join Matt Prior as we find out.

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73henny 25 December 2021

Just a copy of a Sherp